Courses and Education

Available Courses

BuildingPoint can deliver training to help contractors every step of the way.

Making sure you and your team understand the capability, functionality and benefits of your technology is critically important to get the most out of your investment.  At BuildingPoint we offer a wide range of training from classroom to one-on-one.

BuildingPoint and Tekla offers a host of training courses specifically tailored to maximise understanding and meet the needs of our Tekla Software users in a variety of disciplines.

If you would like to talk to our team about courses available in Australia, get in contact and one of our consultants will get back to you.

Level up your SketchUp skills with our Training Programs

Build your skills with the SketchUp and Trimble distributors of Australia. You’ll learn from SketchUp specialists that work directly with SketchUp headquarters to provide local service and support for Australian users.

When you take a training course with SketchUp Australia you’ll be teaming up with our certified trainer and technical consultant to improve your abilities. We’ll even slip you some great training materials to take away with you, after you’re done.


Solution for Educational Institutions

The transition from education to work is often both a challenge and a prospect for a young graduate. To ease this step, Tekla offers educational institutions the affordable educational license program. The program provides students with a firm foundation on Tekla software and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Guaranteed future in the construction industry

The construction industry is increasingly using 3D modeling tools, and Tekla’s educational software licenses help to teach students the value of a constructable 3D building information model. With Tekla software, students can perform each stage of a design project from conceptual design to erection and construction planning. You can lead your students to see the importance of collaboration and the benefits of sharing project data from the beginning.

Understanding the BIM technology takes your students further in the job market.

Tekla for Students

Tekla Campus offers a Tekla Structures license for registered students in order to let them download the software for free and start practicing.  Tekla Campus also offers basic course material and a discussion forum for support.

Learn BIM for Free

Knowing Tekla BIM software increases your opportunities to land a job you like.

Tekla Campus is an online academy for students who want to find a career for example in construction management, structural engineering, steel detailing or drafting. Learn the basics of Tekla's BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools and improve your position in the job market.

Registering to Tekla Campus gives you access to download Tekla Structures Learning edition that includes all functionalities of Tekla Structures. The Campus offers students:

  • Free student license for four months.
  • Video tutorials to get your learning wheels rolling.
  • Possibility to share your thoughts with other Tekla Campus students at the discussion forum.


Tekla Structures

A truly constructible design, detailing and information management software.


Layout solutions for every need

Find the construction layout solutions right for you.


Scanning solutions to fit your needs

Reality capture software and hardware for contractors involved in renovation projects and more.


Mixed Reality

Your data.  Your work site.  Together at last.



Trimble Connect

Everyone and everything connected.




Flexible, Simple and Intuitive Modelling Software designed with all users in mind.