Explore and present in 3D… anywhere

The SketchUp Mobile Viewer app connects you with your models anywhere and lets you present projects in full 3D glory.

Available in iOS or Android the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app allows you to access your 3D models anywhere. Connect to 3D Warehouse, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Trimble Connect, or simply grab models from your email inbox.

Position cameras and use multi-touch gestures to orbit, pan, zoom and look around your SketchUp models. You can also select from preset Scenes to quickly hop around projects, or play fly-through animations.

The SketchUp Mobile Viewer app is available now in through iTunes or Google Play.

Find out more, or get it now.

Add spiral staircases with ease in Tekla

Did you know that you can add spiral staircases with a few clicks with Tekla Structures 2017 and the Spiral Staircase Extension?

This extension allows you to easily model spiral staircases. Enable the Live Update functionality to see what different controls are doing while moving the sliders, or switching the toggles and choose to use plates or items for steps.

See more in the video below by Lee Snyder, product manager for the steel segment at Trimble.

You can find the Spiral Staircase Extension on the Tekla Warehouse.

Contact our Support team if you have any questions about the Spiral Staircase Extension.

Find answers for TSD and Tedds

Tekla Structural Designer and Tedds now have brand new, dedicated discussion forums.

Tekla Discussion Forum is the place to meet other users and discuss topics related to Tekla Structural Designer, Tedds, Structures, and more.

You can ask questions, contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge or get answers from our support personnel.

Tekla Discussion Forum is available for users with a valid Maintenance contract. You log in using your Trimble Identity.

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A glimpse into the very near future

Still a bit unsure of what mixed-reality is and what it can do for you? In video below Aviad Almagor, the Director of the Mixed Reality Program at Trimble talks Trimble mixed reality. He covers the journey Trimble have taken so far and the benefits of mixed reality. He also expands on what we can expect from Trimble in the future.

Watch the 3 minute video to find out more.

Crane Capacity Check

Did you know that Tekla Structures has an extension for optimising the crane size and location at the site in steel assembly or precast erection?

Crane capacity checker also lets you check that designed steel units or precast are good for lifting, as well as
• Define crane capacities and locations
• Assign assemblies to cranes
• Visualise lifting capacities
• And reporting the information.

You can find out more, or download the extension on the Tekla Warehouse.

If you have questions about the Crane Capacity Check extension, or anything else in Tekla, contact our Support Team. Support is free for customers on maintenance.

Safety and mixed reality together

Trimble are striving to bring mixed reality solutions, with their cost savings and improved quality of work, to all customers through many different devices.

It recently announced that it is collaborating with DAQRI to integrate the DAQRI Smart Helmet with the mixed reality application suite. This will enable outdoor and on-site support for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AECO) and natural resources markets.

The progress made with mixed-reality technology and its potential to transform on-site workflows has placed increased demands on wearable technology, which comply with safety regulations. Integrated with Trimble mixed-reality solutions, the DAQRI Smart Helmet can provide the needed requirements and help to improve work efficiency and safety in construction sites, off-shore facilities and mining environments.

If you would like to learn more about the plan Trimble have for the future see their new Mixed Reality website.

Read more about mixed reality
Using the Microsoft HoloLens

Bring your SketchUp models to life with textures

Textures are really important in SketchUp, as they bring your geometry to life. It brings a level of detail and reality to your model.

To teach us how to apply textures, SketchUp have created these Skill Builder videos.

This SketchUp Skill Builder shows us how to change or more around textures and how they’re applied to a surface.

In this SketchUp Skill Builder we learn the process of projecting textures on curved surfaces.

Learn more on the SketchUp blog.

Putting your field process into overdrive

Laying out with paper plans and tape is a method that is prone to error. Is the reference point correct? Has the tape measure moved, or is the degree in which you are measuring exact? Even when everything is right, this approach is laborious and time consuming.

To ensure that the plans get to site accurately we need to connect the digital model with the real world. This can be done by taking the highly accurate and clash checked model that has been created and translating it through layout points onto site. Having the model onsite gives you confidence that you are constructing in the correct location.

But how do we get the model to site?

Trimble Field Link has been designed to bring the 3D model into the field. It allows you to visualise and prepare points directly on the model – even when you’re in the field.


Trimble Field Link works with a Robotic Total Station, the Trimble Rapid Positioning System, or even a Trimble R8s GNSS receiver.

Using Trimble Field Link allows you to improve the office to field collaboration and facilitates the use of a BIM process.

To make Trimble Field Link even easier, Trimble have released a new tablet, the Trimble Kenai. It has been engineered to withstand the daily abuse of construction work and has a multi-touch, gesture-controlled touchscreen to allow users to type, pan, and zoom with fingers, a stylus, or capacitive gloves.

If you would like to learn more about Trimble Field Link and how you can facilitate the use of a BIM process, email us today or call Ryan Pearce on 0422 079 541.

Read more about BIM to Field
rightArrow What is BIM to Field?
rightArrow Robotic efficiency helps clear the contractor clutter

New scanning technology

3D scanners provide a fast and accurate way to collect large amounts of measurement data that can be used in design and construction.

Scanning during designing can provide you with a very accurate representation of the existing conditions, for example site conditions that you need to work around. Having this information gives you confidence in your design.

During construction laser scanning is also very powerful as it allows you to verify that your work is accurate. If there is a problem it can be rectified before work proceeds to far. It allows you to compare your progress to plan and see how ahead, or behind, you are and adjust your workloads to stay on schedule.

Scanning has already added enormous value to what companies like AE Smith provide their clients. (See the case study.)

If you’re new to laser scanning, we have a range of scanners to get you started. From a new, entry level scanner with a range of 70 meters, to hand held scanners to get the finer details, all the way to high end performance with ultra-high speed scanning we’ve got the scanner for you. Plus we’ve got the expertise to assist you in getting up and running. Contact us today to learn more.

Background Colour Tool

Did you know you can change the background colour in Tekla Structures? The Background Color Tool is small but very useful. It is easy to use and best of all easy to reset the colours to what you require.

You can download the Background Color Tool from the Tekla Warehouse.

If you have questions about changing the background colour, or anything else in Tekla, contact our support team. Support is free for customers on maintenance.