Precast Detailing and Fabricators

Tekla Intelligent 3D Modelling for Precast Concrete Construction

BIM software for precast concrete producers

With Tekla you can work with any structure regardless of material, size or complexity. Because the software integrates design and detailing with fabrication and project management, you can  streamline the entire precast workflow from bidding to delivery. Tekla allows accurate estimation and thus winning more bids and increasing profits. You can detail any precast concrete structure, improve document production, plan and control fabrication and find potential problems with your constructible model.


With Tekla you can

  • Reduce waste and total cost.
  • Estimate accurately and manage risk when bidding.
  • Avoid detailing and fabrication errors and minimise the need for rework.
  • Link with production machinery, transfer information efficiently and avoid human errors.
  • Enhance communication and co-ordination using the model.


Tekla Structures

A truly constructible design, detailing and information management software.


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Scanning solutions to fit your needs

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Mixed Reality

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