Steel Detailing and Fabrication

Tekla 3D structural steel detailing and fabrication management software

Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible software for structural steel detailers and fabricators. You can create a detailed 3D model of any type of steel structure from industrial and commercial projects to stadiums and high rise buildings. Working with detailed, constructible Tekla Structures models minimises costly surprises and rework, and allows more profitable projects with total process optimisation.


Benefits of BIM and MIS

Tekla Building Information Modeling (BIM) software brings advantages to the shop, the site and the office: Coordinate design, detailing, fabrication and site operations for an enhanced, more automated workflow. The integration of BIM and fabrication management information system (MIS) provides intelligent and well organised information for the entire workflow including real time fabrication management, data for CNC processing, material handling and enables robotic assembly & welding.

With Tekla you can

  • Avoid detailing errors and minimise the need for rework in fabrication.
  • Manage changes in a 3D model and save time.
  • Avoid human errors:  Drawings, reports and CNC information are automatically generated from the model.
  • Optimise the fabrication process with intelligent interfaces.
  • Manage fabrication in real-time.