Support and Services

Support and Services

We’re here to help you succeed in the long run. To do that, we provide the following services:

Finding the right solution
Our industry specialists will work with you to understand your entire business, your short term and long term objectives and, with all that taken into account, recommend the right Trimble solutions for you.

Choosing the right technology is just the beginning. Once that’s done, our experienced team will work with you to ensure the technology is successfully implemented with your long term success as the primary objective.

Ongoing training for your team is critical to ensure you get the best out of your investment. We offer in depth training for all Trimble Building solutions, including ‘train the trainer’.

Scanning as a service
3D Laser Scanning provides a large amount of accurate data that can be reviewed by anyone, anywhere. It can add value at any stage of many types of projects, during design, through construction and even after construction, as well as during refurbishments.

Data preparation
Sometimes you might not have someone in house to prepare or process the data that you need to take your model to the field, or you might just want to focus on other things. We have specialists in house that can take care of that for you.

VDC Services
Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) allows you to leverage both the original design intent and the powerful productivity gains through a constructible model. Our team of industry experts in both design and construction will work with you to craft a customised workflow that fits with your goals and structure.

Ongoing support
No matter what support you need; we have a team at the end of the phone or at a local office to help you with your Trimble solution or specific project.

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