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VDC Services


VDC Services

BuildingPoint will work with you to craft a customised workflow that fits with your goals and structure.

Services that we provide include the items below. All projects are customised to achieve your objectives, so contact us using the form below to start a discussion about how we can help.


Whether starting from scratch or utilising an existing model, BuildingPoint can provide a model completed to different standards, all the way from a rendered model to a full constructible BIM model with 4D or 5D aspects. We can model from 2D plans or laser scans and can also manage the coordination of different industry models to highlight potential clashes.

Quality assessment of models

Already got a model? We can review the model and report on how well developed it is for your end goal, as well as suggesting, and if required, performing any enhancements to achieve your goal.

Project coordination

The primary goal of coordination is to develop a structured procedure to stimulate planning and direct communication between the stakeholders in the design process. Executed properly, this process can eliminate all major coordination issues in the design before breaking ground. This not only saves 8-10% of the construction cost on average but also helps produce a better design, and eliminate the risk of cascading delays in construction. Our experts can help in many ways, including execution planning, performing constructability analysis, or chairing the coordination meetings.

Facilities management

Today investors, facility managers and tenants are coming to realise the advantages of model based facility management solutions. The 3D FM model offers to record as built conditions in a 3D environment, a support for tasks related to leasing, a visual spatial inventory, maintenance management and more.

Using laser scanning we can update the model during construction to provide you with a true and accurate as-built model for facilities management purposes. We can also provide you with an as-built model of an already completed project. See how we do it.

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