Tekla Tedds


For over two decades, Engineers have trusted Tekla Tedds as their primary document and design solution. This robust and intuitive structural analysis software streamlines repetitive hand calculations, offering a reliable design solution for multi-material elements.

Its comprehensive library of quality-assured calculations, easily accessible and inspectable, enhances its effectiveness.

Automate engineering calculations with this best-in-class structural analysis software.

Tekla Tedds

Automate engineering calculations with Tekla Tedds

  • Increase Productivity

    Using predefined templates or user-defined templates is the key feature for making quick calculations.

  • Transparent Calculations

    It’s very easy to create a step by step calculation, with transparent and easy to read documentation.

  • Minimise Errors

    Tekla Tedds is an automated calculation program, which means no more mistakes caused by a simple typo.


Frame Analysis

Frame Analysis

Effortlessly define and analyse structural frames and showcase the results through professional and easy-to-understand documentation.

Beam & Column Design Tekla Tedds

Beam & Column Design

Boost your design speed and reliability through beam and column design. This powerful tool automates repetitive calculations, aiding in making early design decisions.

Connection Design Tekla Tedds

Connection Design

Streamline code-compliant connection design for steel, precast concrete and timber structures.

Foundation Design

Foundation Design

Improved quality and more efficient foundation designs move projects from planning to construction with incredible speed.

Structural Load Analysis Tedds

Structural Load Analysis

Address code-compliance challenges by automating the time-consuming and tedious load analysis.

Retaining Walls & Wall Panels

Retaining Walls & Wall Panels

Accelerate your design process using the quality-assured library of easily inspectable, code-compliant calculations for multiple materials.

Floors & Roofs Tekla Tedds

Floors & Roofs

Remove repetitive hand calculations from the design process for slabs, stairs, joists, and rafters, regardless of whether they are made of steel, concrete, precast, or timber.