Trimble Field Link


Layout is where the rubber meets the road. Trusting your precision layout process means leveraging a solution that delivers accuracy, repeatability, and speed. With Trimble Field Link, you can unlock the potential of your field layout workflow.

Engineered, designed, and refined for the realities of the construction industry, Trimble Field Link is the most advanced and intuitive field layout platform available today. Closely mirroring real-world processes and workflows, Trimble Field Link brings unmatched versatility to your daily layout tasks. Whether your project resides within a traditional 2D or BIM environment, TFL provides a powerfully simply interface that empowers you to layout more points in less time.

Combined with powerful reporting, QA/QC capabilities, and advanced in-field documentation tools, Trimble Field Link brings the full spectrum of field layout technology to your project.



Trimble Field Link is a single field layout solution that unifies Trimble’s complete portfolio of precision layout solutions. With TFL, you can layout using satellite or optical-based technology through the same intuitive interface. With this capability, you can select the positioning workflow that best fits your project and your layout requirements.



Intuitive Points Layout

Your field software needs to layout points. Efficiency is key. Whether you’re pulling your data from plans or models, TFL can easily present the points and data you need, without any extra fluff.

Powerful Reporting

In-field documentation is a key element of the modern project. With TFL, you can easily document and report against existing conditions, and points layout providing fantastic visibility to stakeholders through the project.

To the Field and Back Again

True round-trip capabilities means that you can easily sync your office and field data through Trimble Connect. This ensures that field layout crews have the most up-to-date data and office teams have immediate access to reports and layout results.

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