Trimble TX Series


The Trimble TX6 and TX8 3D laser scanners are changing the way the industry looks at 3D. Both capture high quality scans at exceptionally high speeds as they deliver superior accuracy and range. Users now have more options to choose from to handle a wider range of projects with the same, powerful Trimble Lightning technology, making the TX6 and TX8 the best values on the market.

With the TX Series, never compromise on data quality. It quickly captures only high quality data over its entire range even in direct sunlight. This means less setups to capture a complete project. The Trimble TX Series allows you to capture more stations and complete projects faster than ever. Finally, the TX Series was designed to be completely intuitive and easy to operate. The specially designed onboard software makes it extremely easy to learn, allowing you to get up to speed and start capturing data in no time.

Key Features of the Trimble TX Series

The TX Series delivers the power and flexibility to tackle even the most demanding projects. And because it was designed for performance, the TX Series enables you to complete 3D laser scanning projects faster than ever. The TX Series features improved efficiency and accuracy, along with new features like high precision scan mode capable of achieving 1mm accuracy, and single scan function for extended range scans.

A Revolution in 3D Scanning


Fits your needs.


Ready for harsh environments.


Down to 2mm.


Hi-res scan time of 3 - 5 minutes.

BIM Ready

Ready for VDC and BIM projects.


As-built data collection.