Tekla’s Positive Transformation

In March 2021, Tekla Structures made the switch to a subscription business model, giving our customers greater flexibility and easier access to our suite of products. 

Now we are one year in, and the dust has settled, the team at BuildingPoint has had the time to fully assess this change. We are happy to report that the switch has been extremely well received by our customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

It’s not only been a substantial change for our customers but for us too! As the Authorised Distribution Partner for Trimble in Australia and NZ, we have had our work cut out for us – changing the perception of Tekla from being a sizable upfront capital investment, to being a flexible and affordable solution for engineers, fabricators, and detailers alike. Switching from 10+ complex configurations, all with different capabilities and functionality, to three simple offerings has made the adjustment much easier for us and our customers. 

In addition, free online training has been made available to help understand the new licensing model and to assist with keeping initial outlay to a minimum. No longer are there days of spending a week or two in a classroom learning functionality before you’re up and running.  

More businesses than ever are taking the opportunity to scale up their operations. The flexible annual subscriptions are now more cost effective especially as companies come through the other side of the pandemic and start to tackle a large pipeline of construction projects. 

As a new subscriber, you have three material independent subscription options, which provide the perfect match for your differing needs: 

  • Tekla Structures Carbon (viewing and collaboration) 
  • Tekla Structures Graphite (modelling and general arrangement drawings) 
  • Tekla Structures Diamond (full capability including automated shop detailing for steel and concrete) 

The new Tekla Structures subscription offering delivers simpler, easier and much more flexible access to the Tekla Structures software at a more affordable price, enabling you to get and stay productive in your work. 

We’ve already had some fantastic feedback from some of our customers who have made the transition: 

“I thought Tekla was $30k?! This now makes Tekla that much more appealing to get started on!” 

“With the volume of work currently on, we were able to ramp up our licences without a large financial outlay.”