Find and evaluate a full range of construction alignment alternatives for your rail or road corridor

When planning a civil construction project, it’s important to consider a construction alignment analysis and see what all your alternatives and paths are in order to create the most efficient, best plan for completion. Our advanced construction software includes feasibility planning tools to help engineers define and optimise corridors and alignments from A to B. Trimble is your partner to create a completely connected construction plan, from feasibility plan to building to completing the project.

Data Integrations

Import/Export: Easily export data to other construction software systems with e.g. DXF, Esri Shape, Land XML

Discover the Best Rail Corridor or Road Alignment Options

Automate the construction planning process to create the optimal option for your road or rail project with our advanced alignment software. View all feasible alternatives to help make the best decisions when working on your construction plan. Immediately evaluate and consider multiple factors simultaneously during the construction alignment analysis phase.

Plan for Sustainability with Better Environmental and Public Outcomes

The CO2 Calculator will forecast carbon dioxide emissions that will be generated during the construction of a road or rail project, including the expected CO2 output for moving materials, preparing the land, and constructing structures along each construction alignment.

You can also forecast the CO2 emissions that will be produced by traffic using the new infrastructure, enabling major construction projects to evaluate millions of alternatives to understand the viability and to understand and optimise the tradeoffs between cost, CO2 impact of construction, and the long term CO2 impact of operating the infrastructure.

Reduce Financial Risk with Alternative Alignment Transparency

We understand the very early construction planning stage usually involves a manual process of evaluating and all possible road corridors and alternative options. This becomes very costly, both in time and actual dollars spent. Our Quantm alignment planning software automates the planning process, giving you all possible options to make faster, better decisions. Insert all types of construction costs to get a more accurate estimate of the overall project budget. Invest in a better future by choosing feasibility software with detailed cost specifications built into construction project calculations. Gain faster validation when generating multiple alternative routes to create the optimal alignment for your road or rail project.

Reduce Planning Time

Trimble’s construction alignment software automatically calculates all alternative corridors and compares thousands of different alignment alternatives to find the most optimal line, without manual calculations. Gain faster road or rail validation when generating multiple alternative routes to create the optimal alignment for your civil construction project.