Tekla Structures


Say hello to a new age of improved productivity, profitability, and accuracy with Trimble’s Tekla truly constructible BIM software.

Put the power of accessible data-rich models at your fingertips and enhance efficiency in every phase of your project.

Powerful structural BIM software for better projects.

Tekla Structures

Optimise your workflows with powerful structural BIM software

Tekla Structures lets you create, combine, manage and share multi-material 3D models packed with valuable construction information. Use it throughout the project, from conceptual planning to fabrication, construction and maintenance, for design, detailing, and information management.

Fast, reliable, and truly game-changing

Experience the forefront of innovation with accurate 3D models, free from complexities. It’s a moment for structural engineers, designers, detailers, fabricators, contractors, and project managers to transcend traditional constraints at every construction phase.

With Tekla Structures, streamline the creation, integration, management, and sharing of information with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Design

    Visualise your concept by creating a constructible 3D building structure.

  • Detail

    Easily create all structures with full details and automatic clash checking.

  • Fabricate

    Drawings, reports, and CNC data can be automatically created from your 3D model.

Why Tekla Structures?

Adopt the truly constructible BIM process and welcome a new age of reliable project information. Deliver your best work in less time, every time.

Why Tekla Structures

Deliver truly constructible data

Have everything you need to improve BIM accuracy, utilise data, and reduce costly surprises. Enhance the profitability with the highest level of development (LOD) and reduce the uncertainty of uncoordinated construction documents.

Collaborate with ease

Import, export and link your model data with other project parties, software, digital construction tools, and machinery for smoother workflows. For example, you can link with architectural, MEP and plant design software through IFC.

Have software and support in your language

Work with game-changing software solutions that fit into your unique culture and processes. Software and training are available in over 15 languages, so stay educated and informed. With Tekla, you can be in the driving seat and have control over every project.

Choose the license that works for you

The low upfront investment is all it takes to advance your projects and deliver results with amazing speed. Reach for the sky and change your license to suit your needs as your company develops and grows.

Subscription Options

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Tekla Structures

With Tekla Structures Diamond you can:   

Create, manage and share multi-material, fully detailed 3D models. You can also use Tekla Structures Diamond throughout the project, from conceptual planning to creating all the required fabrication information. In short, you have the full power of Tekla Structures at your fingertips.

With Tekla Structures Graphite you can: 

Create, manage and share multi-material 3D models for design purposes. You can also create general arrangement information such as general arrangement drawings, schedules, reports, and 3D models.

Additionally, you can use Tekla Structures Graphite to create site layout drawings of reinforcement and even pass the information to bar bending machines for off-site rebar work.

With Tekla Structures Carbon you can: 

Plan, track and manage all of your design, detailing, production and erection activities. You can open all types of Tekla Structures models, drawings and generate reports when needed. You can also track and follow the progress of a project, add information to the model, define erection sequences, control approvals, view production status and schedules, and more.

Subscription benefits

One subscription

Get services as well as products with one subscription.

Enjoy lower upfront investment

Get the premium Tekla software with lower upfront investment.

Map your needs

Satisfy your design and construction needs from our simplified Tekla Structures subscription options.

Work with all material

Explore new business opportunities with software that’s not limited by structural material.

Manage your license use

Manage all your Tekla Structures licenses and users online in one place and see how your licenses are used.

Balance your license base

Balance your license base flexibly and according to changing business needs.

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