Idea StatiCa: Steel


BuildingPoint Australia, the Authorised Distribution Partner for Trimble is proud to announce we are now the official IDEA StatiCa Distributor for steel in Australia and New Zealand.

IDEA StatiCa is the world-leading software for steel connection design, member analysis, and code-checking concrete details.

IDEA StatiCa

What customers say about Idea StatiCa

IDEA StatiCa allows a stress analysis to be carried out on very complex connections and the software is very easy to use. This aided our connection design for the main node connections on The Marshall Building.

IDEA StatiCa Connection works easy and fast. There is no other alternative solution on the market that provides both FEM and Component Based Method. IDEA Statica is a solid and good tool for the design of our steel connections.

I used IDEA StatiCa to perform a peer review on the connections for a 38m tall timber arches spanning over 38m. IDEA StatiCa allowed me to analyse these connections in detail, identifying areas in the connections with had higher stresses than others. IDEA StatiCa played a crucial role in ensuring robust and efficient connections for this unique structure. This project had a tight deadline making it impractical to make manual hand calculations. IDEA StatiCa allowed us to quickly model each of the connections and review the capacities of bolts, welds, and other components in the connection.

We primarily use IDEA StatiCa for steel connection design, particularly complex steel connections. Prior to that, we had to rationalize complex connections into a more simplified approach. Now, we can analyze those in one go and get a better outcome. We are definitely more optimized with IDEA StatiCa.

  • Safety First

    Clear pass/fail checks for steel connection design. Customisable reports. Thousands of tests performed.

  • Save Time

    Slash time of designing steel connections. Hundreds of templates, no limits to the geometry. Visual analysis of your designs.

  • Design Confidence

    Quickly assess the buildability of steel connections at any phase of a project. Sell your work better to customers.

  • Leverage BIM

    Minimise errors by synchronising the steel connection design with your CAD or FEA applications.


IDEA StatiCa automatically links with your software to let you export and synchronise data. This minimises errors and repetitive work so you can focus on more crucial tasks – proper analysis, design and code-check of connections, cross-sections, members and details.


IDEA StatiCa is an industry-leading steel connection design software. You get clear pass/fail checks as per code, in minutes. IDEA StatiCa will save up to 80% of your connection design time because of:

  • A huge database of pre-designed 2D/3D connections, footings, CHS and HSS connections, steel-to-timber, and other connections
  • Quick modeling and design of any bolted and welded connections
  • Thorough code-checks including buckling, stiffness analysis, design resistance, and seismic
  • Fully customisable reports with equations and pictures that sell
  • Design checks are available to many international Standards including AS4100 for Australia.


Stability and buckling of frames, beams, and columns. 2nd order analysis.

  • Analyse and design any steel member
  • Solve the critical steel member
  • No more estimates of buckling lengths
  • Leverage your FEA model


IDEA StatiCa links with your software to let you export and synchronize data. This minimizes errors and repetitive work so you can focus on the more crucial tasks: proper analysis, design and the code-checking of connections, cross-sections, members and details.