BuildingPoint Team localising Tekla Structures

The BuildingPoint Australia (BPA) support team has played a crucial role in localising Tekla Structures to meet the construction standards of Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). This ensures Tekla users can utilise the software to its full potential, adhering to local requirements. Over the years, this team has actively engaged in developing custom components and plugins to address the growing demands for ANZ-specific standards, including connections, reports, miscellaneous materials, and other construction procedures prevalent in the region.

So, as Trimble’s gateway to Tekla users in ANZ, the BPA support team has amassed a wealth of information regarding the most common issues and concerns faced by users on the ground. They meticulously analysed this data and crafted a development plan to automate and resolve these issues. Leveraging Tekla’s Open API technology, the team has successfully created plugins and third-party applications that seamlessly integrate with Tekla Structures, empowering users to tackle complex and specialised tasks with ease.

The BPA team’s contributions have been instrumental in enhancing the functionality and usability of Tekla Structures for ANZ users, and because of this, their efforts have resulted in a significant number of plugins, freely available on the Tekla Warehouse, (Tekla subscriptions and maintenance required) ranging from reinforcement tools to panel marking tools.  All designed to streamline and simplify construction workflows.

Latest Developments:

BPA Bridging Tool

Comes with a user-friendly dialog which enable users to easily add/modify/delete bridging system to database.

BPA Brace

Formerly known as Reid Brace and Dono Brace, are now combined into single component with more options for custom configurations.

BPA GPB/AC Brackets

Mostly used in the southern part of the continent, now covers the most common type of purlin/girt bracket connection and adjustable to special/specific situations.

ANZ Custom attributes

Report template attributes that are not available in the out-of-the box installation of Tekla Structures. These custom report templates were created based on the most requested template information in the support cases.

BPA Cover page

Due to the popular demand of acquiring and consolidating information of multiple drawings into a single one, BPA has developed this tool with additional features of creating a full cover page presentation in the drawing.

BPA Handrail

Handrail is one of the most downloaded tools in Tekla Warehouse and we acquired massive requests about its functionalities. Because of this, we created the BPA handrail tool to cover most of the concerns and consolidated the major brands of handrails into one single tool. BPA Bridging Tool – the latest update of bridging tool now introduces the editor for easier adding/modifying/deleting information in the database being used by the Bridging Tool.