3DE Global wins the Sports and Recreation Category in the ANZ Tekla BIM Awards 2023.

3DE Global is a winner in the Sports and Recreation Category in the ANZ Tekla BIM Awards 2023 for the Heffron Centre Project.

The Heffron centre serves the Maroubra community and surrounds, offering programs and access to state-of-the-art sports, dance and gymnastic programs and facilities, catering to the inclusion of people of all ages and abilities.

It provides a range of amenities for the whole family to enjoy. The indoor multipurpose facility includes a two-court indoor sports hall to accommodate netball, basketball, badminton, volleyball and indoor futsal, as well as a dedicated gymnastics facility including high quality facilities.

The facility was open to the public on the 5th of July 2023

They offer a range of different services, including the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ community and high-performance centre, which will support Souths Cares’ educational and community programs, publicly accessible areas such as a café, hall of fame, merchandise shop and fan area to view training on the NRL standard showcase field. It is also the new home of the Rabbitohs Heffron Community & High-Performance Centre, a best-in-class facility that will provide the Rabbitohs’ teams and community programs the best resources to further build on their success, taking them to a new level.

The project had a high profile being the new home of the Rabbitohs NRL club and a public project for the Randwick council.

A few of the articles published and their official website are listed in the link.

With Australia imposing lockdowns during the height of the pandemic, it posed a big challenge, but Tekla with its Model sharing licenses proved to be our Saviour! Despite being apart, we had four modellers working simultaneously from their homes, tackling different project zones.

By continuous monitoring and coordination using Tekla, we seamlessly kept track of progress with clients maintaining our efficiency and quality. 3DE gained recognition from our client for the way in which we handled design changes and member substitutions. Revision control was also extremely simple, all via the use of Tekla structures tools. Integrating site measurements was also not a problem.

All in all, Tekla truly made remote teamwork a triumphant success and helped 3DE Global further develop our reputation for delivering our projects with zero rework on site. The total cost of the project was 58 million. The project contains 7 areas/zones, and it was approximately 390 Tonnes of steelwork excluding the cladding, glazing and MEP systems.

The structure was approximately 132.5 meters long, 67.8 meters wide and 14.2m tall. We saved around 3,000 hours since we were using Tekla rather than other software.

We collaborated with the fabricator and the constructor as well as with third party suppliers to effectively incorporate the various mechanical, electric and piping systems. With model sharing, everyone worked on the shared model saving a lot of valuable time and effort which would have been spent on coordinating the models individually.