Hiring Made Easy

Renting or leasing equipment avoids upfront costs associated with purchasing, and allows daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term hire, depending on your project.  It also means there are no maintenance or repair costs, allowing better allocation of your financial resources.

UPG, BuildingPoint, and SITECH offer rental options, with rental warehouses situated across Australia and New Zealand.  We carry all the latest up-to-date equipment and the newest version of software installed to help you perform the best job for your business or customers.

In Focus – Trimble X7

The Trimble® X7 scanning system is compact, lightweight, delivers powerful performance with simple operation, and provides confidence in the field.  This piece of kit is a must in your rental fleet for all your scanning requirements for:

  • Building Construction / Facility Management
  • Industrial Survey
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Topographic / General Surveys
  • Road Intersection Surveys
  • Forensics
  • Utilities
  • Marine Construction
  • Tank Calibration and Inspection
  • Mining
  • Cultural Heritage


Automatic Calibration

Complete confidence in every scan with the industry’s first smart calibration system. No targets or user interaction is required.


Industry’s first scanner to automatically level each scan with survey-grade accuracy.

Other benefits:

  • The user-friendly interface puts you in control
  • Save time with automatic registration as you go
  • Never miss a scan.  Ensure desired coverage with 3D visualisation tools
  • Increase field to office productivity with helpful annotations and scan labels
  • Export directly to industry-standard file formats

Depending on your field application, the X7 rental includes a Trimble T10 or T100 tablet for data collection.

We offer great pricing on hire, unmatched in the marketplace, and are supported by a dedicated team of consultants who can assist with all your technical needs.

Contact us today – 1800 900 272 or visit our website for a quote HERE.

As an industry leader in design, fabrication, and construction, idec understands the importance of ensuring designs on-screen work in the field. Accurate point cloud data capture using Trimble X7 scanners is helping achieve that, easily. Paired with a Trimble T10 tablet, the scanning process is simple and can be performed within 30 minutes of training. Combining scans in the field on the tablet into one scan has been advantageous in confirming adequate data is captured.

Idec was recently awarded the design and construction of multiple new shade structures at the Family Fun Park in Mount Isa. With a plethora of existing structures and furniture to avoid, adopting point cloud data at the preliminary design stage seemed a logical approach to integrate new with existing effectively. The 2-hectare site was captured entirely by 95 scans in 1.5 days, allowing all above-ground site queries to be resolved virtually in minutes. The data allowed a site 1500km away feeling like it was next door. In addition, we were able to demonstrate to our client early into the project how their final product would look. https://youtu.be/JU81fJyUvGc