IDEA StatiCa – Steel Connection Design Reinvented

Steel connections play a vital role in the structural performance and given their significant contribution to total steelwork costs, they are key to overall structural optimisation. Frame programs allow Engineers to try out many options, facilitating optimal member arrangement and sizing. In the same way, sophisticated software for connections offers major benefits in their design.

The founders of IDEA StatiCa imagined software that analysed and code checked all steel connections. From this inspiration, superb design tools have been developed, delivering this capability and other great advances.

IDEA StatiCa

  • General connection geometry and loading. Virtually no limit to member number, types, grades, arrangement, loading.
  • Complete solution – all loads, members, and components fully included in analyses and design checks.
  • Design checks to various Standards including those for Australia (AS4100, AS3600, and Australian references for footings).
  • Strength analysis and checks, buckling analysis, stress for fatigue checks, stiffness analysis (eg moment-rotation), capacity design for seismic, slip checks for /TF bolting.
  • Visually rich results facilitate appreciation of connection behaviour, assisting optimisation for cost or other criteria.
  • Links from other packages into IDEA StatiCa (Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer, REVIT, Robot, SPACE GASS, Advance Steel, SAP 2000, STAAD.Pro, ETABS, and more).

Latest Developments for Australia and New Zealand


  • Checkbot is the new application for the management of BIM workflows.
  • Provides complete control over all your imported connections and members.
  • Includes clear list of all imported items including the check status.
  • Enables 3D visualisation of imported members and loads.
  • Provides conversion table for materials & cross-sections.
  • Allows management of load combinations.



  • Option included in Code setup for up to 30 buckling modes for each load combination. more
  • Connection Browser – faster connection input with predefined connections, and enhanced template management. As illustrated below, the connection details can be applied to a subset of the current connection. More

For further information, including v21.1 enhancements in Concrete modules, view the recording: V21.1 Webinar

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