BuildingPoint wins Tekla Training Award

BuildingPoint Australia is proud to announce that we have won a Tekla award for training.

This award was given in recognition of our Tekla Structures Concrete Construction Masterclass video series, which was created by George Conradie.

This series of videos provides a comprehensive overview of concrete reinforcement detailing using Tekla Structures. It is suitable for both new and experienced users and covers a wide range of topics.

After the win, we sat down with George and asked him some questions about this project, and here’s what he had to say!

What initiated the Concrete Construction Masterclass?

This project was initiated during the start of the pandemic. With so many users working from home during long lockdown periods, it was a great opportunity to create an eLearning playlist for users to enhance their skills in concrete reinforcement detailing. At the same time, it provided a platform for BuildingPoint Australia to expose the rebar set tool to clients. Looking at support cases related to concrete and reinforcement, we found that many of the questions was a lack of “know how” rather than issues related to the software itself. This eLearning playlist not only serves as an educational playlist, but also reduces support questions on this topic.

Why the need for all the different chapters?

Illustrating how the rebar tool is used and configured, only solves a small part of concrete reinforcement detailing. I felt the need to not only show this, but to show users how this tool is used in the industry. As I have spent the bulk of my career in the consulting and construction industry, this was the ideal opportunity to share some of that knowledge and experience. This playlist focuses on building elements such as foundations, slabs, beams columns etc. Because there are so many types of building elements, and each element can have many variants, I had to spilt it up into chapters.

Using chapters, has the benefit that, the playlist can be used as a reference. So, when a user needs to refresh his knowledge on a particular element, it’s easily found.

Tekla TechME Award

What benefits will the customers get out of these?

Essentially, the clients benefit from high quality free eLearning content with a bonus of exposing their Tekla modelers to industry standard knowledge without them spending the time on site. During the recording of the videos, I highlighted the “why” and the “how” rebar is used on site, so that the values entered in on dialog boxes, make sense. This method of instructional learning combines theoretical and practical learning all in one. Also as previously mentioned, users also receive help from these videos by using them as a reference that they can refer to when needed.

Were you pleased with the number of views received?

To be honest, I did not expect such high numbers. Initially, when I compiled the playlist, my focus was on the Australian market only. Also considering the nature of the video content, being very technical, the view expectation was more towards a smaller niche market, with less views.

Looking at the viewer statistics, we found that there was a large amount of international interest. We also saw many of our current structural steel clients, viewing these videos. This implies that there are a fair amount of structural steel customers also targeting the concrete market. An interesting and important observation indeed.

What were your expectations when you started creating these?

At first, I wanted to record some typical videos to help customers with their general rebar queries. Short videos that could be emailed out by our support team to customers with relevant questions. It did not take long before I realised that the need for a more in-depth approach was needed. After that, it quickly evolved into a more comprehensive playlist. An approach more focused on educational than on “tips and tricks.” Overall, I am pleased with the response and feedback and how the videos came out.

It did not take long, before I realised that the need for a more in-depth approach was needed.

Who would benefit most from these?

Anyone who wants to learn more about concrete reinforcement detailing using Tekla Structures should watch these. This video playlist not only targets new users wanting to learn how to detail concrete structures, but also experienced Tekla Structures users that don’t have the necessary industry knowledge. It’s a great place to learn or to brush up on your skill set.

Has Trimble taken them up on their site?

I believe Trimble has expressed interest in listing these videos on their eLearning website, and arrangements are being made by our management team here at BuildingPoint for this to happen.

Do you plan to add more or supply videos on other topics?

This playlist is complete. I have had requests for more advanced topics in Chapter 8. This Chapter covers the Rebar Shape Manager. So, I might still add at least one more to show users how to create more complex rebar shapes.

As far as future topics are concerned, there is much to look forward to. Due to the great response received with this playlist, it motivated me to also do playlist for:

  • Report creation using the Template editor.
  • Real World Concrete Workflows using information from IFC and drawings.
  • Reinforcing Methods for complex and irregular structures such as bridges and culverts.
  • Quick reinforcing methods for Post Tensioned buildings.
  • Cast Unit drawing setup for the Australian/New Zealand market.

If you would like to watch the whole series, or pick individual chapters to suit your needs, they will be available shortly on our training page of the BuildingPoint Australia website or contact us on 1800 900 272.