Bringing it all home with SketchUp

SketchUp is not just for Pros! It is the perfect weapon for Home-owners looking to renovate or build. Not only will it let you communicate like a Pro (so you get what you want) – but it will also save you thousands!

Martin English is a Corporate Account Manager at BuildingPoint Australia. Based in Melbourne, he and his family recently undertook the arduous task of building a new home.

As a BuildingPoint employee, it was only natural that he would turn to SketchUp (one of the many Trimble products that we sell), but just how much it helped him is quite stunning. In fact, we couldn’t shut him up about how much he loved it (just joking) – so we thought we should sit down with him and share his story. To be honest, until now we have not highlighted how much SketchUp can benefit Home-owners/DIYers, so this topic has been a long time coming!

Follow Martin and his family as they take this journey with SketchUp.

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