Tekla Developer Award 2019 winner shares the secrets of their success

Introducing the 2019 winner
Last year, the top award went to Paul Deckers from BIMcollab for a solution called BIMcollab BCF Manager. This is an integration for Tekla Structures and BIMcollab, an issue collaboration platform. The application adds cloud-based issue management capabilities to Tekla Structures, allowing users to create and modify issues and communicate them directly from within the application through BIMcollab. Needless to say, this is a big help when it comes to managing any issues that come up while evaluating a digital model’s results.
So, what can you learn from BIMcollab’s victory and how can their advice help you scoop the top prize?  To find out, we spoke to the winner and asked them to share the secrets of their success.
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We are very pleased to see so many talented developers participating in the competition and so many votes received from all over the world.

Chris Wilson, Director of Trimble’s engineering segment.
2019 Tekla Developer Awards winner announced