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How SketchUp is putting students in touch with a ‘lost art’

About 10 years ago, TAFE NSW carpentry teacher Graeme Wilton sat down in front of SketchUp for the first time. “I drew a square, then made it 3D and rotated it … and I thought, bloody hell, this is marvellous!” Graeme, better know as Willo, recalls. “Straight away I could see this could really change […]

SketchUp: Giving voice to architects’ visions

Creating a space with a multiple of uses is never an easy task. Communicating the architects’ solutions to the brief not only to clients but also to those creating the actual buildings is one of SketchUp’s many advantages, as this project for a Victoria school demonstrates. For LAW Architects in Melbourne, its design for Viewbank […]

Watkins Steel’s winning trifecta

Projects with restraints on access, time, and other factors that dictate what, how and when a team can do its work are nothing unusual. However, for the team from Watkins Steel, a contract to supply and install structural steel and gantry framing in a warehouse for a major beverage supplier in Queensland came with perhaps […]

SketchUp: Now you’re cooking

Turning ideas, or, indeed, dreams, into reality is something SketchUp excels at. For an Australian company, turning their clients’ dream outdoor kitchens into a reality is their business – and SketchUp plays a big part in it. Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens, a WA business that’s recently launched in Victoria, designs, manufactures and installs outdoor kitchens that take the […]

Go next level with SketchUp Pro 2018

While the new year began on January 1 for most of the world, it’s been 2018 in the SketchUp universe for a few months already. We welcomed the launch of Version 2018 in November and, in the spirit of all things ‘new’, we introduced our new website sketchupaustralia.com.au. To celebrate, we’re offering 10% off licenses and […]

Tekla Tips and Tricks

Tip No. 2.  Tekla Structures 2018 – New ways to manage drawing content.   Tip No. 1 – Reports Side Pane The reports side pane allows much more functionality than conventional Tekla Reports, allowing multiple reports to be created at once. You can create groups and re-organise the tree view of the list, group various reports […]


SketchUp Tips and Tricks

Welcome to SketchUp Australia’s tips and tricks. Tip No. 2 is all about Direct Daylight Access. Using SketchUp’s integrated shadow tool to conduct Direct Daylight Access studies. For more information about Sefaira’s daylight analysis tools go to http://sefaira.com/    Tip No. 1 is all about Command Shortcut Keys. A shortcut key is a SketchUp command that […]